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Logan Holladay


Rising Talent


Logan Holladay was born on May 15th 1989 in the San Fernando Valley. As the son of an active stuntman Logan has been exposed to many aspects of the entertainment industry; giving him the advantage of learning key factors such as: professionalism, readiness, set edict, and the importance of safety from a young age. 


Logan’s talent and area of interest was immediately apparent when he took his first steps on the set of “Days of Thunder”.

Logan’s first steps were just the beginning of a long list of early accomplishments to include: riding a 60cc quad at the age of two and earning his S.A.G. card at the age of nine. Logan was then asked by elite stuntmen to join in the prestigious group of "Stunts Unlimited" at the ripe age of 22 years old, checking off a huge accomplishment in his career.   




Starting at age two on a motorcycle, Logan’s talent and passion for the sport rapidly progressed. At age five Logan transitioned from riding to racing motorcycles and never looked back. Dedicated to racing, Logan continued along his racing career to turn pro at the earliest possible age. Along with Logan’s accomplishments on motorcycles he won quad races to include: an AMA Big 6 District 37 championship, many ITP quad cross victories, and a top three competitor in the W.O.R.C.S (World Off-Road Championship Series). Back on a motorcycle, Logan won the open expert class at the 24 hours of Glenn Helen, third in the Baja 500 at the age of 16. Another victorious year was marked in 2007 when he once again placed first in the open expert class at the 24 hours of Glenn Helen. Then in 2011 he placed First Overall in the Baja 1000. With the most recent Wins in a Trophy Lite off-road truck at the Blue Water Desert Challenge in Parker AZ and the Henderson 250 in Henderson, NV.

On both two and four wheels Logan’s list of accomplishments continues to grow. 




Logan’s talents are apparent in anything he does. When Logan is not racing or working he can be found drifting cars, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, mountain biking, trials riding or venturing into another sport all in the pursuit of increased physical ability while having a good time. 


When not on set for stunts, Logan contributes to the family owned business of Holladay Camera Bikes, as a camera bike operator. Learning camera angles, rigging, and safety has molded Logan into a well-rounded stuntman. Understanding multiple aspects of filming, safety, and mechanics of a specific shot has proven a useful tool in his work as a stuntman. In addition to providing excellent action shots, Logan is always aware of safety of himself and others on set. 


Professional Focus


After graduating high school in 2007 Logan dedicated his full focus to his long-term career goal as a stuntman and aspirations of evolving into a stunt coordinator, and ultimately directing. In that same year Logan earned many jobs to include a stunt double role on “Terminator Salvation” for Anton Yelchin who played the character Kyle Reese. Immediately after the four months spent on the set of “Terminator” Logan proceeded to shoot a Yamaha commercial, which would run for three years and counting. Logan’s resume is well versed with work in the areas of T.V. shows, feature films, and commercials, just recently completing seven season on the hit T.V. show "Sons of Anarchy". 




Logan’s professionalism, readiness, set edict, measures of safety, and talent are all contributors to the stunt industry. Logan always brings 110% of his ability and knowledge to work with him and uses his off time to constantly improve skills. Logan can be described as a positive and focused individual who will get the job done right the first time.  


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